Nokia Alpha Zero 2020: Release Date, Specs, Price, Features

Nokia Alpha Zero 2020

Nokia Alpha Zero 2020: Launch Date, Specs, Price, Features! Finnish multinational company Nokia is the most popular smart mobile phone brand in this era. As usual, this mobile phone company is going to arrive on a new model smartphone at good performance.

Nokia handled the smart mobile phone business in 2014 by handing over its handset business to Microsoft. Since then, only the Finnish company has focused on mobile network content. While Microsoft continued to sell the Lumia smartphone in its name, it was also paused this year. Now they have already released some new model smartphone in the market that gets most popularity. Because everyone knows Nokia mobile phone performance.

Now, the Nokia smartphone brand is now going to arrive at its new model smartphone that model could be Alpha Zero in the year 2020. This is an upcoming Alpha Zero phone of Nokia brand. Though the Nokia brand didn’t declare about this smartphone, there are big sounds on the social media platform about this phone.

You know that this is a 5G network supported smartphone. So, the 5G network is available in this model smartphone. This smartphone also supports EDGE / HSPA / WCDMA / LTE. So, the user will get the premium experience by using this Nokia flagship phone.

And for security reasons, this phone must have to include the privacy protection system. So, there are exist the Fingerprint & Face ID features. And also exist the PIN, Password, Pattern & also more security features.

Nokia Alpha Zero Release Date & Price:

The major and common question by the people, when will release Nokia Alpha Zero? This is a very important question from everyone. You everyone already know that this is now a rumor. It is being conceived that this Nokia beast can be launch within the third quarter of this year.

Regarding the cost, Every specialist expecting that you have to pay $680 to purchase this model smart mobile phone. The price range could be up or down from the given price. It is not the exact price. Because there is no declaration are available officially.


  • Google Developed OS
  • Penta Camera in Rear
  • 32MP + 8MP sensors on the front
  • Super AMOLED Display
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 7
  • Fingerprint Sensor, Face ID
  • Qi wireless charging technology
  • Massive storage & supports external storage
  • Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset

Nokia Alpha Zero 2020 specs:

Let’s introduce a new model smartphone of Nokia brand that is now upcoming. According to the specs, this Nokia beast offers a Full HD touch screen capacitive display. And this display is 6.5″ inches Super AMOLED & 2560×1440 pixes of resolution. And the Corning Gorilla Glass 7 exists in the display for the touch and display protection.

For watching movies, videos, this screen is most comfortable. And also good playing video games on this model smartphone. These phone screen colors are so good as looking for any videos, photos, movies, etc.

Nokia Alpha Zero 2020

You know that the battery capacity is the most important thing in the smartphone. So, everyone wants to purchase a large capacitive battery included a new model smartphone. So, this Nokia smartphone battery capacitive is so good.

This Nokia Alphazero phone rocks a 6200mAh juice box that supports the quick charging technology 45W. Additionally, there are also exist the Qi wireless charging features in this model Nokia smartphone.

Fast charging technology can recharge the battery fully within a short time. So, this phone will be able to get the full charge within a short time.

As the Operating System, this Nokia Alpha Zero flagship should runs on the Android Q version OS. In this version OS, there includes dark them that is most helpful to use the smartphone in the night time. There are also included also more features for use the smartphone easily.

Nokia Alpha Zero 2020: Camera, Storage, Processor

Now, this is the time to talk about this phone camera. Regarding the camera section, this phone bears a Penta camera set up on the rear side. In the rear there exist 48MP + 8MP + 5MP + 13MP + 5MP sensors. And there also exists the dual-tone LED flashlight.

Additionally, on the front side there exist 32MP + 8MP sensors. So, this dual-camera setup on the front side this smartphone would be used for video calling, selfies & something like this.

Now you are thinking that what capacitive storage could be included in this Nokia Alpha Zero 5G phone? From our expectation, this phone could launch with the 12GB RAM storage & two types of ROM storage. In the ROM storage, there will be 128GB & 256GB. These two versions of ROM could exist in this model smartphone.

Now the common question about the external storage supports. This phone will include a memory card slot where the user could be able to extend the storage via a microSD card. And this storage could extend the maximum of 1TB. So, the user could extend the storage by inserting a microSD card in the dedicated slot of this model Nokia smartphone.

Now the processor is the most important thing to make the smartphone speeds up during working hard. So, this Nokia phone gets runs by the Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset. This is the next generation high-performance featured chipset.

This chipset is the most powerful chipset. Because there include many kinds of features. Such as this model chipset made for the gaming, video editing & also more heavy workable application. So this model chipset is the most powerful chipset that is the fifth-generation chipset.


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